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Youtube & Social Media DISCLAIMERS

Stefania Verità uses a Youtube Channel named "clarincello" as well as the following social media platforms: Instagram, twitter, facebook, Snap Chat, Linked In to publish Stefania Verità's original promotional/documentation videos.

Although Stefania Verità takes all reasonable care to ensure that the contents of its original videos are accurate and current, Stefania Verità expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions that any viewers of the videos might declare to exist in the information as presented.

No liability exists or can be ascribed to this content creator in the event of any accident or injury resulting in the improper application or misunderstanding of the information and/or procedures contained in the videos.

When there are products seen/advertised in Stefania Verità's videos, Stefania Verità does not make any warranties or guarantees that the seen/advertised product will work as expected based on the video. Stefania Verità does not legally represent the seen/advertised brand and is not liable for any bodily or material damages incurred by the use of the product.

Any occurrences resulting from the advice or comments provided in this video is the responsibility of the viewer and not the video creator.

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