A.Dvorak, Dumki Trio - Stefania Verità
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A musical journey through dreamlands: the elegance of  Stefania's cello playing hand in hand with the warmth of Roberto Petroli's clarinet sound creates a delicate dialogue which will enchant you during your Aperos, Galas, Parties.

Roberto Petroli: clarinet

Stefania Verità: cello


The "Salon Passion" ensemble, founded in 1996, is made up of musicians from the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra.
From the unique, rediscovered collection of the Belgian salon orchestra Knokke-le-Zoute from Belgium, Salon Passion composes its programs of small pieces of jewelery, nostalgic witnesses of the past epoch. Be it with a sparkling character or with the calm charm of a romance - this music fits to so so many different and varied programs that the listeners are surprised and bewitched every time.
Salon Passion regularly plays concerts and is invited to renowned music cycles.

Marc Luisoni: violine

Johannes Gürth: viola

Stefania Veriàt: cello

Peter Kosak: bass

Scarlet Cavassini: piano


Founded in 2016, Trio Klengel is named after August Klengel with the purpose of promoting his works. We decided to continue the work of Klengel Trio, founded in 1912. This trio consisted of the three daughters of the composer Julius Klengel, a relative of August Klengel. Just like the first Klengel Trio our trio is also dedicated to promoting chamber music of long-forgotten composers and their works through concerts and recording projects.


Keiko Yamaguchi: violin

Stefania Verità: cello 

Anna Petrova-Forster: piano